Climate & Environmental Sustainability

Climate & Environmental Sustainability
Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Transport of climate active trace gases between the atmosphere and biosphere University of Warwick Prof Robert M Kerr & Dr. Kelly Redeker
Investigation of the topographic control for geohzards prone zone ecosystem functional properties by multiple remote sensing sensors University of Warwick Dr Xueyu Geng & Professor Qiuhua Liang
Global diversity and ecosystem functions of plant-microbe symbioses University of Warwick Professor Gary Bending, Dr Chris Quince, Dr Rob Griffiths & Dr Megan Ryan
Resilience of soil surface microbial communities and their ecosystem functions to extreme weather University of Warwick Professor Gary Bending, Dr Ryan Mushinski, Prof Jane Rickson & Prof James Covington
The application of sedaDNA to landscape archaeology University of Warwick Prof. Robin Allaby & Prof. Vince Gaffney
Improving temperature observations from Space to close the energy budget of the Earth in support of UNFCCC objectives and the Paris Agreement University of Leicester Dr Darren Ghent & Prof. John Remedios
Microbial sunscreens for better life University of Warwick Professor Vasilios Stavros, Associate Professor Christophe Corre, Associate Professor Scott Habershon & Professor Laurent Blasco
Improving Key Carbon Cycle Processes in Climate Models Using Satellite Observations University of Leicester Prof. Hartmut Boesch & Dr. Robert Parker
Analysing forest aboveground carbon dynamics using dense time-series of satellite data and artificial intelligence University of Leicester Prof. Heiko Balzter, Prof. Ivan Tyukin & Dr. Pedro Rodriguez-Veiga
The Retrieval of Atmospheric Isoprene from Satellite INstruments (RAISIN) University of Leicester Dr Jeremy Harrison, Dr Eloise Marais & Dr David Moore
In-situ reduction reduction of greenhouse gases from the Athabasca oil sands tailings ponds: detailed insights using ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry University of Warwick Dr. Mark P. Barrow, Prof. Gary Bending & Dr. John V. Headley
Towards improved weather forecasting via IASI satellite observations of carbon dioxide University of Leicester Dr Jeremy Harrison, Dr Stephan Havemann & Prof. John Remedios
Towards a mechanistic understanding of peatland reactive nitrogen cycling University of Warwick Dr. Ryan M. Mushinski & Professor Gary Bending
Dynamics of pollution transport in contructed wetlands: identification and quantification of underlying physical mechanisms of solute and solid (microplastic) transport University of Warwick Dr Soroush Abolfathi, Dr Jonathan Pearson, Prof. Gary Bending & Dr Geoff Brigthy
Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) for calibrating and evaluating Individual Based Models of fisheries University of Warwick Richard Everitt, Nicola Walker, Richard Thorpe & Richard Sibly
Addressing the challenge of air pollution: Novel measurements of particulate matter and gaseous air pollutants in the UK and South Asia UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Dr Chiara Di Marco, Dr Marsailidh Twigg, Dr Zongbo Shi & Dr Eiko Nemitz
What soil factors lead to high reactive nitrogen oxide emissions in agricultural landscapes? University of Warwick Dr. Ryan M. Mushinski & Professor Gary Bending
The Formation of Ice in Bacterial Fragments and their Biomimetics: Toward the Understanding of Biological Ice in the Atmosphere University of Warwick Dr. Gabriele C. Sosso & Prof. Matthew I. Gibson
Bio-precipitation or self-cryopreservation: Why does pollen nucleate ice? University of Warwick Dr Thomas Whale, Prof Matthew Gibson & Dr Daniel Ballesteros Bargues