Organisms, ’omics and biogeochemistry

Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Project TitlePartnerProject SupervisorsKeywords
Marine viruses: important players in global warming? University of Warwick Andrew Millard Molecular marine microbiology, Bioinformatics, Cyanobacteria, Cyanophage
Novel metal containing enzymes: missing links in the marine P cycle? University of Warwick Prof Dave Scanlan/Dr Yin Chen/Claudia Blindauer Cyanobacteria, Roseobacter, Marine microbiology, Biogeochemistry, Phosphorus
Ecophysiology of adaptation of marine microbes to climate change, an integrated lipidomics, transcriptomics and proteomics approach University of Warwick Dr Yin Chen/Prof David J Scanlan Nutrient stress, Lipidomics, Transcriptomics, Marine bacteria, Cell Surface, Climate Change
Genetic Dark Matter? Functional characterization of the non-coding RNA regulation of microbial metabolism of climate active trace gases University of Warwick Dr Yin Chen/Dr Hendrik Schäfer Trace gas, Climate, Marine microbiology, Small RNA, Biogeochemistry, Biogeochemical cycles
Impact of elevated CO2 on UK forests; changes to the phyllosphere and metabolome University of Warwick Murray Grant/Hendrik Schäfer/Lijiang Song/Rob Mackenzie Tree health, Phyllosphere, Metabolome, Carbon sequestration, Disease, Climate Change
Electroanalytical Chemistry meets Lake Biogeochemistry: pH and Heavy Metal Concentration Monitoring in Lakes with Deep-Water Anoxia University of Warwick Professor Julie Macpherson/Professor Stephen Maberly Heavy-metals, pH, Lakes, High-frequency measurement, Novel measurement technology
Tracking the transmission of antimicrobial resistance genes in aquatic environments through assembly based metagenomics University of Warwick Dr Christopher Quince/Prof. Elizabeth Wellington/Dr William Gaze/Dr Andrew Singer Metagenomics, Bioinformatics, Aquatic, Antiobiotic resistance
Revealing the secrets of the ‘known unknown’ genes in marine bacteria University of Warwick Prof Dave Scanlan/Dr Andrew Millard/Dr Yin Chen Molecular marine microbiology, Bioinformatics, Cyanobacteria, Roseobacter
Microbial degradation of atmospheric trace gases in salt marshes University of Warwick Dr Hendrik Schäfer/Dr Yin Chen high throughput sequencing, metagenomics, Climate Change, biogeography
Bacteriophage infecting ubiquitous and abundant plant-associated bacteria University of Warwick Dr Hendrik Schäfer/Dr Andrew Millard Methylobacterium, bacteriophage, phyllosphere, soil
Bacterial biofertilisation of phosphorus in the rhizosphere of agricultural crops: a multi-omics approach to alleviating food security University of Warwick Professor Elizabeth Wellington/Dr Alex Jones/Dr Rob Finn metagenomics, metaproteomics, Pi-scavenging, exoenzymes, rhizosphere
Photosynthetic responses and links with ecosystem carbon cycling in Arctic tundra from Solar Induced Fluorescence The Open University Kadmiel Maseyk/Walter Oechel/Vince Gauci/Donatella Zona ecosystem productivity, methane, carbon-climate feedbacks, chlorophyll fluorescence
Trees: A cryptic terrestrial methane sink? The Open University Dr Vincent Gauci/Dr Karen Olsson-Francis methane, Greenhouse gases, Ecosystems
Plant-microbe-methane interactions during freeze-in conditions in the Alaskan tundra The Open University Dr Vincent Gauci/Professor Walt Oechel/Dr Karen Olsson-Francis methane, Greenhouse gases, Ecosystems
Understanding Methodological Constraints and Organic Carbon Quality Control of Denitrification and N2O emissions from Mature and Restored Forest Soils University of Birmingham Dr Sami Ullah/Prof. Stefan Krause/Dr Nick Kettridge/Dr Laura Cardenas/Dr Swanne Gontharet Forest soils, denitrification, coupled nitrogen-carbon cycling, functional restoration, greenhouse gas emission
Mass spectrometry imaging of the sentinel freshwater crustacean Daphnia: a novel tool for environmental diagnostics University of Birmingham Professor Mark Viant/Professor John Colbourne/Dr Warwick Dunn/Dr Emmanuelle Claude/Dr Mike Morris mass spectrometry, toxicology, Daphnia, imaging
New insights into the Quaternary palaeohydrology of southern Africa: high-resolution leaf wax deltaD analysis of rock hyrax middens University of Leicester Andrew Carr, Arnoud Boom, Brian Chase Palaeoclimate, Palaeoecology, hydrology, biomarker, isotope, Africa
Development and application of novel palaeoclimate proxies based on 3-hydroxy fatty acids University of Birmingham Dr James Bendle/Dr Rob Griffiths/Prof. Xie Palaeoclimate, biomarkers, bacteria
Nano-pollutants – Big Impact? Investigating the Ecotoxicological Effects of Nanomaterials in our Oceans University of Warwick Gemma-Louise Davies/Joseph A. Christie-Oleza Nanomaterials, Marine ecology, Microbial communities, Metagenomics, Metaproteomics
CITY-BUGS: is the urban microbiome distinct in diversity and functional potential? University of Warwick Dr Hendrik Schäfer/Prof. Gary Bending Sustainable cities, Microbial diversity, Pollutants, Phyllosphere, Built environment, Soil
Sexually deceptive orchid pollination strategies: is one true love or broad sex appeal best? The Open University Dr Julia Cooke/Prof Claire Turner/Prof David Gowing pollination, sexual deception, Volatile organic compounds (VOC), orchids
Siliceous wood: does silicon matter to plants beyond leaves? The Open University Dr Julia Cooke/Dr Philip Wheeler ecological strategies, functional ecology, wood, plant traits, phylogenetic patterns, plant silica
Promoting wildtype behavioural ecology in sanctuary great apes to aid reintroduction programmes University of Birmingham Dr Susannah Thorpe/Dr Jackie Chappell environment, great apes, conservation, ecological adaptation, behavioural ecology
The early evolution of vertebrate hard tissues University of Warwick Prof Georgy Koentges/Prof Robin Allaby/Prof Phil Donoghue vertebrate, skeletogenesis, cellular imaging, cell tracking, modelling, biomineral deposition